Thai Yoga Healing Arts


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art will leave you feeling reenergized, balanced, and more in tune with your own body.  With slow, rhythmic, compression and stretches you will find better range of motion to your joints as well as decompression.  Direct meridian or "sen" lines are thumb pressed during the session to release blocked tension and allow better energy flow.   You have to try Thai massage to experience all of the wonderful benefits!                                                                                                                                                        
                                       1 hour session 90.00 
                                     1.5 hour session 125.00 
                                      2 hour session 179.00
  Thai Yoga Wellness Packages available upon request


Therapeutic Massage

Relax and undwind with a full body therapeutic massage. Some of the many benefits are increased circulation, assists with anxiety and mood disorders, release of myofascial pain, soft tissue strains, and sports related injuries.  This massage can be customized with light to deep pressure along with focus and special attention given to injuries or muscles soreness.  
                                           1 hour session 65.00
                                          1.5 hour session 90.00